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In our test catalog we have NGS capture panels and NGS virtual panels. The great advantage of a captured panel, is its very secure sensitivity. The advantage of a virtual panel is its broad variation of genes. Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) can be ordered (in as TRIO-test) for identifying a genetic cause for a disease where standard diagnostic procedures have failed. Our staff makes a precise balancing what kind of panel is best for which test. We’ll like to stress that AGDx is part of the largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands. Most of the genes in our panels have a coverage of 100%. This is referred as Quality A. Of many genes, there is no proof that a variantion will cause the disorder. However for core genes, genes essential for the disorder, we make sure not to miss a single sequence. This slows down the TAT and is less cost effective, but better be safe than sorry.

Last but not least, we work on a semi-noncommercial bases. This means that any profit we make, will be spent on patient care and innovation. In addition we are experts / European reference center in particularly cardiogenetics, obesity, atherosclerosis, imprinting disorders, and many other genetic conditions. We are able to offer you special prices in case of bulk requests or substantial test requests annually. In addition we would welcome collaborative scientific projects with reduced price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question you at and take a look at our test catalog.

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