Obesity Panel

Amsterdam UMC Genome Diagnostics offers now targeted gene testing for obesity.

See Obesity Genetics on  ASHG  TV  October 2019:

The involvement of genetic factors in the development of obesity is estimated to be 40-70%. Clinical relevant genes may influence obese patient’ response to weight management. The obesity panel was previously performed using a WES based virtual gene panel including 52 genes. Obesity panel has been further developed as a NGS-based capture panel for economic and reliable screening for inherited obesity. The coverage of this obesity gene-panel is 100%. The purpose of this AGDx NGS – Obesitome panel is to offer relevant diagnostic testing. Since we have many requests for this panel, you can order this panel for a very special economic price. Upon request the WES based virtual gene panel of 52 genes (or including specific other obesity related genes) can be performed. For this test, please order custom WES. In case your patient has both ID and obesity a trio WES can be performed. In this case both the ID panel as well as the large obesity gene panel (including 52 genes) can be analyzed.